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Wood sanding machines

Wood sanding machine is used for sanding plane surfaces, edges of scutiform components and bars, also for surfaces of various curvilinear components.

1. Planes are ground by means ofpressing an abrasive band with a captive pressure pad. After removing a smoothing beam finisher with a pipe quide, the band can be pressed by a hand pressure pad.
2. The bars are ground on an upperplane ofa sanding head to a required angle.
3. The edges are ground by means of tuming a sanding head to a required angle.
4. The curvilinear surfaces are ground with a head removed.

Max. work length, mm unlimited
Max. work width, (without a transposition), mm 900
Work thickness, mm 4…220
Max. edge height, mm 130
An angle of edge sanding
towards a plane,
in degrees
The smallest radius of a sand curve, mm 90
Velocity of sanding, m/sec 26,5
Motor rating, kW 3,0
Table area, mm 2120×1240
Distance between
the drums, mm
Width of the
sending band, mm
Diameters of the
extraction outlets, mm
Overall dimensions, LxBxH, mm 2920x1300x1390
Weight, kg 320